Scott Gipson | About
Surfer, skydiver, submarine sailor, horseman, salesman, photographer, and all around raconteur.

I sold my first photo in 1967 to Competition Surf Magazine which went out of business shortly thereafter. Living on the Gulf Coast, we all became surfers once we saw our first McGillvray Freeman Surf Movie which was shown in some school auditorium on a 16mm projector with Greg McGillvray doing the narration so I took my camera to the beach and started shooting. About the same time I was looking at Leroy Grannis' photos in Surfer Magazine which made mine look like something that was taken by a Kodak Instamatic. I sent a number of my photos to Leroy who was kind enough to give me the straight scoop which made me rethink everything.

Today, I focus my camera on wherever life takes me, especially subjects having to do with the landscape, animals, ranch work and those out there who are trying to keep the old traditions alive.

Among all of the other adventures in my life, photography is second only my family and friends.